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    Coral Branch Bowl | Small Lagoon Mixed Color Glass - $42.00

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    • Handmade in the USA
    • Made to Order
    The small coral branch bowl is about 5” across and about 2.5" deep. 

    Each is one of a kind and made to order. 

    Please allow 1-3 weeks. If you have a "need by" date, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 

    Made from dozens of hand cut pieces of glass, the bowls are assembled by hand then fired in a kiln multiple times. In the final firing, the glass "web" is melted over a mold to create the bowl shape, leaving the outside very glossy and the inside with a slightly textured matte finish. 

    The glass bowls work in many design styles from ultra modern to boho beach house. They make fabulous focal points and add an interesting shape or pop of color. Bring them to life by placing them in the sunlight or other light source.

    These stunning bowls are delicate but can still can be functional. Use to hold fruit or whatever won't fall through the holes!

    You will receive your very own one of a kind, made to order work of art! Please expect some variation. Your bowl will be the same color and size pictured but will not be the exact one shown in the photographs. 

    Don't see the color you are looking for? They can be made in any color glass that we stock. The shapes and sizes are based on the molds we use and cannot be changed. 

    How It's Made

    Every item you see is truly handmade, crafted from quality art glass using sophisticated techniques.  The process of "fusing" or melting glass requires very slow heating and cooling in a kiln. Most Hunky Dory pieces go through at least 2 full kiln cycles for a total of 30 hours. Hand cut pieces of glass are heated until they reach temperatures of nearly 1500 degrees! Images are applied with a process that melts minerals into the glass. Additionally, some product designs have hand painted or glass "glitter" accents and bowls and dishes are "slumped" over molds to create the shape.  

    Because every single item is made by hand, expect slight variations.

    Most items are also made to order so please allow a few days to ship. If in stock, items ship next business day. 

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