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    Indian Lake Ohio Map Ohio Tray - $57.95

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    • Handmade in the USA
    • Made to Order
    These chunky trays are about 7 1/2" across and 1/2" deep

    They have any number of uses including as a dresser trays for watches, rings, keys. Or keep on your desk as a catchall or in the kitchen as a spoon rest, teabag holder or soap dish. OR, just prop it up on a shelf as a memento! They are food safe but do not microwave. Hand washing is recommended.

    Designs are applied to hand cut fused glass tiles made of high quality art glass. Then fired again using a mold to create the dish shape.

    The process requires at least 30 hours in the kiln. Very slowly, the layers of glass are heated until they reach temperatures of nearly 1500 degrees!

    Each is made by hand and to order. There may be slight variations. Please allow a few days to ship.

    How It's Made

    Every item you see is truly handmade, crafted from quality art glass using sophisticated techniques.  The process of "fusing" or melting glass requires very slow heating and cooling in a kiln. Most Hunky Dory pieces go through at least 2 full kiln cycles for a total of 30 hours. Hand cut pieces of glass are heated until they reach temperatures of nearly 1500 degrees! Images are applied with a process that melts minerals into the glass. Additionally, some product designs have hand painted or glass "glitter" accents and bowls and dishes are "slumped" over molds to create the shape.  

    Because every single item is made by hand, expect slight variations.

    Most items are also made to order so please allow a few days to ship. If in stock, items ship next business day.